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Fear makes us do things we would never normally do.

When struck with a fearful situation, many of us try to:

1. Fight our way out.

2. Run and hide, hoping it will go away.

3. Get emotionally paralyzed and shut down.

But is there another option? 


When I was in junior high, my friends had an idea to try out “doorbell ditching.” I’m sure you’ve heard of it: One of us would sneak up to a house and press the doorbell. We would then take off running and hide with the others, so no one would be there when the homeowner opened the door.

When it was my turn, I planned to sneak up like a ninja, press the doorbell, and run away faster than Forrest Gump. I did not intend for them to hear me coming. 

The minute I pressed that doorbell, the door swung open.

I screamed, “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!” and booked it across their lawn. I tripped over the nearest curb and landed flat on my face. I called out, “Help! Don’t leave me!”

Irony at its finest. 

I got up, and we ran for almost an hour, convinced someone was chasing us. Finally, we realized no one was coming. Watching me fall on my face was probably enough for the homeowner to feel a sense of justice.

1. Stop and Turn Around

“The wicked run away when no one is chasing them, but the godly are as bold as lions.” Proverbs 28:1

The word “wicked” here doesn’t only mean “evil.” It means “guilty.”

People who feel guilty and are afraid of the consequences of their actions RUN from people who aren’t even there. Fear causes us to run away.

Have you ever said something you regretted to a friend, and then found yourself replaying the situation in your mind over and over? You think they hate you, and you even want to avoid them. Eventually, you talk to them and realize they have been cool with you the entire time. 

As kids doing the “doorbell ditch,” we thought we were guilty and so ran with fear when no one was chasing us. 

Other times, we don’t like something about ourselves and feel guilty or ashamed. So, out of fear of being exposed, we once again run. 

When Adam and Eve felt guilty from eating the wrong fruit, what did they do?

“I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid.” Genesis 3:10 

Guilt → Fear → Hiding

In junior high, only when we turned around did we realize that no one was chasing us. 

Did you know that the word “repent” means “to stop and turn around”? We must repent for agreeing with our fears. We must stop running away, turn around, and face them. God will be at our side when we do. 

2. Learn Whose You Are

The root of all evil is not so much money but fear. And the answer to all evil is God’s love. 

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” 1 John 4:18 

Fear has to do with punishment. What is the punishment? Getting hurt. I am afraid to face my fear, because I might get hurt if I do. 

So what is the answer? God’s perfect love.

A child will run to whoever loves them when they are afraid. As a child of God, I must run to Him and have Him fill me with His perfect love to cast out my fear.

I must remember that God won’t punish me for being afraid. Instead, by sharing with Him, I will be set free from my fear of punishment. 

I belong in the arms of the Father. He will protect me through any situation. Yes, it may be challenging, but He knows the outcome, and I will be safe. 

No situation can ruin my life or my destiny, because these belong to God. I know Whose I am. 

Running to God requires me to cast out guilt and shame. His presence pushes away fear like heat pushes away the cold.

Tell Him your fears, then let Him tell you how loved you are.

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3. Remember Your Identity in God

After we know Whose we are, we must remember who we are. 

In Proverbs 28:1, we read that “the godly are as bold as lions.”

Lions live in a pride, but are they prideful? Are they arrogant in knowing they are at the top of the food chain? No way. They are entirely humble. They are only acting the way that God created them to act.

When we become secure in our God-given identity, we become both humble and bold. Insecurities come in areas where I am unsure of my identity. 

When I place my security in something other than God, insecurity is born. When I have a failure in my life, so falls my security, and I become fearful. 

Suppose my security is in people, my future, my education, my job, or my income. What happens when people leave or hurt me? What happens when things don’t go as planned? What happens when I fail the class or lose the job? My entire world falls apart. 

Becoming convinced of my identity in Christ will allow me to remain bold and stand strong in a difficult situation rather than fall apart.

Will I feel afraid? Probably for a moment. 

But boldness is not just a feeling; it’s a choice. Because I know who I am, I can choose to move forward rather than give in to fear. 

Fear is a prison holding us back from the things of God in our lives. If we choose to stop running away and instead turn around, knowing Who we belong to and who we are in Christ, we will have everything we need to overcome the fears the devil may throw our way.

What about you? What helps you to overcome fear in your life? Comment and let the community know below! 

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  • Anonymous says:

    Oh Taylor I love reading your stories how God touch your precious life and you became the man you are today. Love you.
    Yes I am a fear of heights. I can’t get on a ladder fear of falling. Never felt I could. One day your Uncle Fred and I went to visit Uncle Ron ex-wife she took us to where she work. She drove those BIG dump truck. She said climb up and sit in the driver seat. Your Uncle Fred did it and said ” no problem it’s like a piece of cake” you try it Joan. I said ok. As I was climbing I said to myself not going to like this and I was climbing I felt sick and wanted to throw up. I got into the cab and climb right back down as fast I could. Your Uncle Fred look at me and said ” you ok you are white as a sheet” no I wasn’t ok. It made me so sick to climb up that high. But you see I can fly in a airplane that doesn’t bother me. I guess because I am close in.
    I do have a lot of fears Taylor but to long of a story to tell. I am truely bless with God’s blessing. Our whole family needs prayers because of them don’t have God in their life. There is cousins and Aunts that don’t have God. I do praying daily for each one of you special nephews and nieces we have we are so bless. Love you Taylor.

  • Jenny Lowen says:

    Yet again, such relevant words for ALL to hear and apply.
    When fear, anxiety, comes up I have to repeatedly remind myself that I’m loved and safe, and God isn’t anxious as He knows exactly what’s going on, AND He knows the results!
    Recently I was anxious about this expensive time in my life, and I asked God to speak personally to me. Then opened the Bible at Luke 6 as that was my next lot, and JESUS said…”Give!” So I gave to a very needy family in Africa, and had such peace. The next day I was sent an anonymous gift of the exact amount of money I’d given! I can’t afford to be anxious about God’s provision!!
    This is why it’s so important to know His character as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    • Taylor Jensen says:

      Wow Jenny, so amazing. I love this testimony! God always comes through for us, we just have to trust and step out in faith! Love this!

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