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What is it?

“He Speaks” Is a four-week Bible Study Course designed to help you discover the ways God speaks to his people throughout the Bible.

What Will it Do?

1. Unpack the different ways GOD SPEAKS in the Scripture to his people.

2. Discuss how we can apply these same strategies in modern day and understand what the Holy Spirit is personally saying to you.

3. Teach how to partner with God’s Voice to minister to others like never before.

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4. Pick a Spot & Stay There

More often then not, we have no idea where to start reading in the Bible. We spend the first half of our time flipping the Bible open and reading whatever page we see first. Though God can speak this way, if this is our only habit, we will never read the whole Bible.

I found that when I picked a spot, read for the time limit, and then picked back up where I left off the next day, Bible reading became way easier and more consistent.

Each day will build off the previous day and before you know it you’ll have read the whole Bible.

Also, if you are new to the Bible I suggest not just opening the first page and reading like a normal book. Pretty quickly you’ll run into the Old Covenant Laws, and will get confused without the context of the New Testament. Questions like, “Do I need to start sacrificing animals?” will come up. No, no, just keep reading, it will all be fine. I recommend starting in the New Testament Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and read on from there.

5. Pray Read the Word

This final tip is the one that forever changed my Faith. I heard a pastor, Mike Bickle, suggest that we “Pray Read the Word.” Ancient Church Fathers called it “Lectio Divina.” 

He suggested to read a section of verses, then immediately stop, and pray what you just read back to God. “Pray God’s word back to God,” he would state. 

I found that this transfers what I am reading from head knowledge to heart connection with God. The scripture becomes a spring pad to talk with the Author of Life about his own words. Let me give you an example. 

Philippians 4:13 (NLT) says, “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”

I can read that and think, “wow, that’s nice,” and move on. Or, I can stop and use it as a diving board into prayer with a personal God.

“God, thank you that I can do everything through you. Honestly, I feel weak and tired. Give me the strength to ______. Let me depend on you and not on my strength. I’m sorry for relying on _____when really I should turn to you….” and so on.

Tell Him how you feel about the verse. Is it hard for you? Ask for understanding. The Word of God was never meant to be read merely as a textbook, but rather as a letter from the lover of your soul.

Read it like you read that love note placed in your locker in high school. Memorize it like that text you screenshotted because it meant the world to you. Make it personal, because it is personal.

I know these tools may seem boring, and unspiritual, but I promise they will revitalize your faith. Sometimes the smallest piece of wood can ignite the fire of love once again. Try these out for a week and let me know how they help you!

What do you guys think?

Do you have any other practical tips that help you get into the word of God more? Please share with us so we can grow in God’s word as well!